NRC Juniors

NRC Juniors

NRC Juniors

What is NRC juniors? A club for all ages from Age 8 to 18 that seeks to provide fun, inclusive athletics for children.

We offer run, jump throw activities delivered by our coaching teams, qualified through England Athletics courses and associated DRB checks.

Can anyone join? Yes anyone can join in! These sessions are particularly useful for those that may feel that a lower pressure and more inclusive environment would suit them better.


When will it start? Easter 2020, starting, to begin with, with one age group only U11s (year 5 and 6). We shall be training just one age group while we train up more of our wonderful coaches, to ensure that all groups are fully supported.

We operate on a ratio of 1 coach and 3 assistants for a group of 40 children.

Taster sessions: In order to encourage everyone to get involved we are delivering a series of taster sessions both after junior parkrun and also by visiting key schools in the area.

Dates for after junior parkrun at 10am start are as follows; Sun 10th November 10am Sun 24th November 10am Sun 8th December 10am Sun 22nd December

Where will the sessions be held? We hope to use one of the local schools in Northwich, we are currently in talks with them to establish the best place, day and time. As soon as we know this we shall update everyone.


For more info please feel free to contact the team –