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We started up in Feb 2015 with 4 guys meeting up we now have about 170 in the club and get between 30-60 to each session. The slowest and fastest are equal. We all support each other.

When do we meet

Sessions Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm, informal we meet at parkruns, races and ad hoc Sunday’s etc that guys organise themselves and post for buddies on the closed group

Will I be left behind?

No No No! Never! We often have a 3 mile group and 5 mile group but mustering (don’t worry about this term) so can be more and even the absolute beginner fits in, also some sessions I bring in hill reps, intervals, other fun stuff, we went to a track last Friday and everyone loved it. Often we all do the same session together so fast guys run with those starting out etc.

I am worried I can’t run yet or be too slow?

No No No! Our slowest guys do a parkrun 5k in 50 odd mins to start with. We help you start out and give you support and guidance. Being in a group regularly is so much easier than starting out on your own.

What do I need to bring?

Some trainers and a smile! No need to buy new gear to start out any clothing suitable for exercise and any par of trainers to start.

What do I do now?

Look up our closed FB group where locations of meets are posted in events each time, then just come along. Please give Alan a ring if you need more information. It does help if Alan knows you are coming and if you have done any running before etc. Alan 07511781350



We are a registered club with Run England,part of England Athletics.

We have qualified run leaders who plan and lead running sessions and make them as much fun for all as we can, as well as helping you improve.

We do not charge.

As well as weekly runs we have done track sessions, races, charity runs etc etc. Always open to new suggestions.

Everyone is really friendly and supportive.

Each Saturday we try to get a few guys to come to parkrun. This is a free weekly timed 5k run locally at Delamere or Warrington. This is a great way to help people work towards their first 5k or to help improvement in low pressure event.

In recent months we have been forming great informal links with top club Vale Royal Athletics Club, this link is giving both clubs wider opportunities for running.


Before you come please get in touch via the public facebook page message below or email or ring Alan. It helps if we simply know a tiny bit about what stage of running you are at.

Alan 07511781350

Public visible facebook page

Closed group for weekly meet points and general club chat.