How do I order kit?

All of our kit can be ordered on the Run Geek website:

We have a huge range of kit, and a lot of it can be personalised to include your name also.

You can manage your orders completely online. Our club/Run Geek representative is Helen Lonsdale. Should you have any questions regarding the kit then please contact Helen directly on Facebook and she will do her best to help.

Our ethos has, and always will be, to allow the kit to be as accessible for as many members of the club as possible. This is the reason that we have kept the prices as low as possible. Of course we expect that certain items may not be of the highest quality however what is on offer is very good value.

What types of vest / t shirt are available?

There are 2 elements of kit available:

  1. Club T Shirts and vests (lime green and white)

There are 2 ways of producing these, both require the shirt to be printed (sublimated) overseas. We have checked with a number of other suppliers as well as other clubs and this is common practice. Some suppliers are able to include the logo at source, others would need to print within the UK and thus cost more.

Run Geek are the only provider that we have found the can provide everything individually, including the printing, and fulfil orders to us individually (as opposed to ordering in bulk).

We have taken samples of our kit to other providers for their consideration and the overall feedback has been that we have a very good quality product for the price that we pay.

  1. Hoodies, yellow long sleeves, hats etc.

All of these are bought in by Run Geek and then printed on by them, in the UK. Apart from an instance of a colour change on the hoody recently, the supply of these and the quality, in consideration of the price, is good.

What should I do if I have a problem?

Issues arise with even the biggest companies, however we appreciate that sometimes things pop up that need raising.

First, and foremost, please contact Run Geek directly. They are best placed to tell you exactly where your kit is and the status of your order.

If, after a reasonable time, you have not heard from them, please email the NRC team on and we will do our best to see what the issue is.

Please note, that in order to remain efficient, productive and to deal with any problems as they arise, we require all of the details via email. Please note that Facebook posts may be removed from the club forum in order for us to get to the bottom of any issues.

Why have we chosen Run Geek?

When looking at club kit, we looked at lots of different options to find the best solution. The main things feedback that we have always had, and that we have stuck to is:

  • A range of items
  • It be cost efficient
  • Certain items (such as t-shirts and vests) can be personalised
  • Online ordering

We have spoken with lots of other running clubs; manufacturers; and even local and national suppliers and the solution that we have at the moment has shown to be the best when looking at all of our requirements.

From our extensive research, all companies that sell sublimated (printed) vests use factories in China or Pakistan. RunGeek are the only ones who offer no minimum order levels for the vets and T shirts. A 6-8 week lead time is therefore realistic for a personalised product to be made abroad.

Why have we chosen not to bulk buy kit?

Using another supplier means that we have to operate in one of two ways:

  1. Orders will only be processed once a minimum order level has been hit.
    1. We have tried this in the past and unfortunately it caused a lot of problems.
  2. We, as a club, buy products in bulk.
    1. This will mean that we must drastically reduce the range of kit that is on offer; personalisation is not available with your order; a volunteer must organise this, along with storing all of the kit, along with organising financials with the club treasurer and the delivery to all individuals.


If you have any questions at all about any of the above, then please do not hesitate to contact the club committee and we will do our best to help: