After You Join

What You Need to Know After you have Joined


The club was started by Alan Wilcox and the direction set out is to encourage and support people to start, enjoy and improve in running through support from trained run leaders and the supportive club culture. It is not the intention to have lots of committee meetings etc but as we grow perhaps more formality will be needed so this may change. At present the people who have adopted roles are as follows, please don’t be shy to offer help or actions.

Debra Davenport – Club Chair

Wendy McDonnell – Club Secretary

Brad Ehlen – Club Treasurer

How do new people find us? 

We manage the club through a dedicated Facebook group,  as it helps us to communicate with everyone quickly and clearly, and helps us to build and maintain a friendly community which we think is hugely important. Why not check out our public Facebook page here.

How do I find out where we meet and what’s on?

Almost everything is organised and published via our closed Facebook group. All the content is only available to be viewed by members so don’t worry too much about visibility or other stuff.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.25pm. Locations and details are all organised within the “Events” section in our Facebook group so you can always look and see where the next meet is.


Most Saturday’s will see some of us at Northwich, Delamere or Warrington parkrun, please keep an eye on posts or post yourself if you are going to encourage others to join you.

Ad hoc runs, people post themselves and see who’s up for joining too.

Races and events. We try and post events on the events section that might appeal to many eg major 10k’s etc. Also we will post the events that we are doing so others see. Please try and do the same as it can encourage others too to see who is in what. Suggested events tend to be posted by everyone so be careful not to go for every one!

The NRC way

Most runners appreciate and like support and encouragement and praise of personal effort and achievement. Mustering is an important part of this and something we should try and do not just to keep groups together for safety but also for support. When you finish a race and there are other club members still running, please try and go back to support others run in to the line, it really helps. It also shows people not in a club that it might be a good idea to try one.

Safety and First Aid

Runs are planned and risk assessed by our Run Leaders.

Runners do attend these clearly at their own risk and have their own responsibility to act sensibly and comply with the groups plans.

I.C.E. Toe tagz etc. We think it’s a great idea to ask all runners to have a record of their ICE number (in case of emergency number) on some form on their person. Toe Tagz seem a good idea

Please ensure that you make run leaders aware of any injuries or issues before the start of any run, also if there are any critical medications that you may carry etc. such as inhalers or diabetes etc. i.e. please consider others reactions if something did happen and they weren’t aware of what to do to help.

On dark nights please wear hi viz clothing, head /chest torches are compulsory. You must assess your own circumstances and risks too. When crossing side roads, always look behind first, always make sure you give way to other pavement users and please do not block footpaths when you stop in a group.

Membership. All runners are required to complete a quick Health & Safety form before running with us, to ensure that the club remains compliant and insured.


Training sensibly and building strength is important. There are many good running specialist shops around Cheshire, but Rosebank Sports in Northwich town centre is particularly good, and knows us well. You can also pick up our kit in there too.

Injuries happen and sometimes they are niggles that go away after rest, sometimes they can be caused by more fundamental physiological issues about you. The club has a friend Lee Wilkinson who is on our closed group. He offers his professional services at a discount and there have been good reports from runners who have been pressed, manipulated and also who have had simple free advice over the phone from Lee. Always worth asking Lee early on.

Club Status

Insurances. The club is insured as an England Athletics Club where the operation has trained run leaders and coaches.

We operate within UKA, and can offer members a UKA membership at the standard price of £15 (subject to UKA changing the price themselves). We do not charge any fee on top of this.

How much does being a member cost?

The aim of the club is to be as low cost as possible. Whilst there are no major operating costs we have had training for leaders which is quite an expense.

Since re-instating club runs as COVID 19 restrictions relxed, we have not charged for membership however from April 23, we will be re-introducing an annual fee of £15.

Club Shirts and Logos 

We have our own Tshirts, vests and hoodies, which are all available from Rosebank Sports in Northwich.

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