After You Join

What You Need to Know After you have Joined


The club was started by Alan Wilcox and the direction set out is to encourage and support people to start, enjoy and improve in running through support from trained run leaders and the supportive club culture. It is not the intention to have lots of committee meetings etc but as we grow perhaps more formality will be needed so this may change. At present the people who have adopted roles are as follows, please don’t be shy to offer help or actions.


Alan Wilcox – Club Lead and Run Leader (LiRF) Coaching course pending

Sharron Jones – LiRF– Leading in Running Fitness

Lesely Dunn – LiRF (pending course)

Craig Edwards – LiRF (pending course)

Stephanie Acton – bank account control and finance

Registration – we do need someone to take on a role to register basic information on runners.

How do new people find us? 

While we can accommodate and manage numbers we are happy with more people. So please feel free to share information you see and promote what we do. We don’t mind if people are members at other clubs too, why would we? The public face of the club is the public facebook page

From time to time we also manage to get articles in the paper.

How do I find out where we meet and what’s on?

Almost everything is organised and published via our closed Facebook group. All the content is only available to be viewed by members so don’t worry too much about visibility or other stuff. We have a web site but Alan has no time or skills to develop hence it’s not worth much time to view.

Tuesday and Thursday meet times are 6.30pm. Locations and details are posted in “Events” section on the facebook closed group. It can be tricky to find on phone and tablet so if you struggle ask someone or easier to check on computer. This link might work too. If you are going click going it helps me and also you will get a reminder I think.

Track sessions. These are now approx. every 3 weeks at Vale Royal’s track in Winsford. We ask for a £2 donation which goes to a kids fund for a summer trip next year. Shaun one of VRAC’s leading coaches gives up his time for these. Please try and come and try these out, honestly they are really good for all levels of runners. See events.


Most Saturday’s will see some of us at Delamere or Warrington, please keep an eye on posts or post yourself if you are going to encourage others to join you, if at delamere some have a coffee and cake after

Ad hoc runs, people post themselves and see who’s up for joining too.

Races and events. I try and post events on the events section that might appeal to many eg major 10k’s etc. Also I will post the events I am doing so others see. Please try and do the same it can encourage others too to see who is in what. Suggested events tend to be posted by everyone so be careful not to go for every one!

Other stuff. We have done a reckie for a race previously and in late November two of us are leading an introduction to trails so please look out for these and all suggestions considered. Click on going if you are going!

The NRC way

Most runners appreciate and like support and encouragement and praise of personal effort and achievement. Mustering is an important part of this and something we should try and do not just to keep groups together for safety but also for support. When you finish a race and there are other club members still running, please try and go back to support others run in to the line, it really helps. It also shows people not in a club that it might be a good idea to try one.

Safety and First Aid

Runs are planned and risk assessed by our Run Leaders (Alan and Sharron) with Craig and Lesley also acting in these roles too pending their formal training courses. Runners do attend these clearly at their own risk and have their own responsibility to act sensibly and comply with the groups plans.

We are organising life skills training available to all members, a register doc will be available soon as to who in the club has some level of training and we will consider a system of identifying people. First aid – for regular runs we think a kit in Alan’s or other leaders cars would make sense and it is vital that one member of each run group has a mobile and trained person.

I.C.E. Toe tagz etc. We think it’s a great idea to ask all runners to have a record of their ICE number (in case of emergency number) on some form on their person. Toe Tagz seem a good idea

Please ensure that you make run leaders aware of any injuries or issues before the start of any run, also if there are any critical medications that you may carry etc. such as inhalers or diabetes etc. i.e. please consider others reactions if something did happen and they weren’t aware of what to do to help.

On dark nights please wear hi viz clothing, head torches aren’t compulsory unless specified for example ad hoc night trail runs. You must assess your own circumstances and risks too. When crossing side roads, always look behind first, always make sure you give way to other pavement users and please do not block footpaths when you stop in a group.

Membership. We do need to introduce a simple paper system to collect basic safety information on people who come to our sessions. See above.


Training sensibly and building strength is important. Getting the right shoes for example we recommend you go somewhere like running Bear (alderley Edge), Sweatshop, other places where they properly check out your gait and how foot lads etc and give you the right advice.

Injuries happen and sometimes they are niggles that go away after rest, sometimes they can be caused by more fundamental physiological issues about you. The club has a friend Lee Wilkinson who is on our closed group. He offers his professional services at a discount and there have been good reports from runners who have been pressed, manipulated and also who have had simple free advice over the phone from Lee. Always worth asking Lee early on.

Club Status

Insurances. The club is insured as a Run England Group where the operation has trained run leaders etc.

Some clubs are affiliated to England Athletics. Where this is the case the club pays an annual fee depending on the number of members (I think). Additionally then club members are able to individually be members of England Athletics for a personal fee (£12 per year I think). I felt the cost of this unnecessary and hence we are a Run England Club. As far as I can tell the only advantage to club members of this is £2 discount per race entered (that is a registered race)

The club has recently set up a bank account which Alan and Steph have control over together. There is a written club constitution.

Vale Royal Athletics Club Tie up

Informally we are a partnered club with Vale Royal. The relationship is developing over time. Benefits already have been use of their track and assistance from their coaches and senior runners. Our runs are available for their members to come on etc .too. The relationship we hope will develop further over time.

Alan has joined VRAC as a member so he gets an England Athletics registration and also can run in cross countries too. Certainly for our guys who want to train harder and more this is a really good option, and qwe can be a stepping stone for some.

How much does being a member cost?

The aim of the club is to be as low cost as possible. Whilst there are no major operating costs we have had training for leaders which is quite an expense (about £150 each). So far Alan has been able to get funding for this from England Athletics. However, in the longer term this is not going to be sustainable as we grow hence see later section on funding and sponsorship.

That’s why, after a couple of sessions we kindly ask you to pay a £10 membership for the year.

Club Shirts and Logos 


We have our own Tshirts, vests and hoodies, which are all available from Run Geek – If you search for “Northwich Running Club” you should see everything pop up.

Other kit, we are keen to develop further kit available and would like to maintain the lime green tone within, ideas and proposals considered.




Club Sponsorship by Reward Health

  • Club will be able to provide more training for run leaders, first aid training and kits etc, kit for run leaders, and promote and reward participation for example through monthly prizes etc.
  • Vitality sponsor parkrun . The scheme rewards people for participation in activities so the more you are active the more rewards you get. There seem to be some really good tie ups, fit bits for example or hopefully garmin records of activities automatically record your activities so the incentive tie’s in with the club and parkrun ethos of encouragement to be active rather than performance
  • Runners who run at organised club sessions are insured through Run England because we have trained run leaders and risk assessments etc, runners are not covered by Run England insurance at other times.
  • Vitality provide Life and serious illness insurance and Health insurance to individuals, families and small businesses
  • As a known brand that already sponsors parkrun and have Seb Coe, Jess Ennis, Jonny Wilkinson and others as brand advertising.
  • The club will not do any more than make people aware of the Club sponsorship deal, there are several providers of such products and hence it is not for the club to recommend any products. We do have a link for example with a personal sports therapist who gives club members discount but others are welcome to recommend others for example.

To find out more and get quotes etc. ask Alan for Paul Higgins number from Reward

I do like the tie up of encouraging and rewarding activity with these products. Its is for individuals to assess for themselves if they want/ need such cover and also if they do which organisation to use.


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