When do you meet?

Sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.25pm.

We have qualified run leaders who plan and lead running sessions and make them as much fun for all as we can, as well as helping you improve. Sessions last between 30 – 60 minutes, and no one is ever left behind!

Will I be left behind?

No No No! Never!

We often have a 3 mile group and 5 mile group but mustering (don’t worry about this term) so can be more and even the absolute beginner fits in, also some sessions I bring in hill reps, intervals, other fun stuff, we went to a track last Friday and everyone loved it. Often we all do the same session together so fast guys run with those starting out etc.

What should I bring ?

Some trainers and a smile! No need to buy new gear to start out any clothing suitable for exercise and any par of trainers to start.

How do I find out more?

We have a closed Facebook group, for all members to join, where we post in advance the location of each session. This can be a number of places across Northwich from the likes of Sir John Deans, Marbury Park, Moss farm, but don’t worry we will always let you know where to go. Then you can simply just come along and join in.

Sessions are usually split into groups, at the start of each session each leader will announce what they are planning on doing that night. Simply run in the group you feel most comfortable. If you are unsure, just ask any leader that night and they will point you in the right direction.

We ask a on dark night to please where hi-vis clothing, head torches aren’t compulsory unless specified for example ad hoc night trail runs. You must assess your own circumstances and risks too. When crossing side roads, always look behind first, always make sure you give way to other pavement users and please do not block footpaths when you stop in a group.


We also have track sessions, these are now approx. every 3 weeks at Vale Royal’s track in Winsford. We ask for a £2 donation which goes to a kids fund for a summer trip next year. Shaun one of VRAC’s leading coaches gives up his time for these. Please try and come and try these out, honestly they are really good for all levels of runners.

Park Runs

Most Saturday’s will see some of us at Northwich, Delamere or Warrington, please keep an eye on posts or post yourself if you are going to encourage others to join you, if at Delamere some have a coffee and cake after!

Social Runs

We have lots of people on our Facebook page who post themselves and see who’s up for joining too. There’s a wide varity of different time, places and paces, so have a nosey and get out with others who love to run too, that’s what we are all about!

Safety and First Aid

Runs are planned and risk assessed by our Run Leaders (Alan and Sharron) with Craig and Lesley also acting in these roles too pending their formal training courses. Runners do attend these clearly at their own risk and have their own responsibility to act sensibly and comply with the groups plans.

We are organising life skills training available to all members, a register doc will be available soon as to who in the club has some level of training and we will consider a system of identifying people. First aid – for regular runs we think a kit in Alan’s or other leaders cars would make sense and it is vital that one member of each run group has a mobile and trained person.

I.C.E. Toe tagz etc. We think it’s a great idea to ask all runners to have a record of their ICE number (in case of emergency number) on some form on their person. Toe Tagz seem a good idea

Please ensure that you make run leaders aware of any injuries or issues before the start of any run, also if there are any critical medications that you may carry etc. such as inhalers or diabetes etc. i.e. please consider others reactions if something did happen and they weren’t aware of what to do to help.

Still unsure about if you will be to slow? Fear not! We are here to help, and we also have an amazing couch to 5K, for more information click here.